wood framing : an eyebrow window

It’s one thing to design a home, another to build it. Sometimes we’re glad to just be on the sidelines watching it all come together. We hold a healthy amount of respect for the [...]

heavy timber buttress trusses

glue laminated wood is an incredibly strong construction method that can provide a beautiful element to a home. when considering the structure of a design, we try to incorporate it with the [...]

the sound studio

It’s rare that a client gives us complete freedom to run with an idea for their space. In this instance, the owner is a music enthusiast and wanted a room dedicated to listening to records. [...]

design details : kiawah island

When approaching a home design, it is important for us to consider the design as an entire concept and revisit this concept with every detail. The detailing should enhance the home and remind one [...]

kiawah lagoon front home

this is a conceptual sketch of a 3,300sf home we are currently desiging for a family on Kiawah Island. the concept is to capture the views of the golfcourse + lagoon from every living space. the [...]

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